PRISMA - Human Uniform Made in Greece



Towards a More Sustainable Future

PRISMA is environmentally sensitized and thus we pay great attention to the quality of all raw materials and yarns used throughout our production. Based on creating an environmentally friendly brand, we follow these steps:

Eco-Friendly Fabric

High end recycled fabrics made of ECONYL® yarn, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn derived from pre and post industrial waste.

Certified Organic Cotton

Raw materials from certified organic farms, no harmful substances, in accordance to OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100. Dyeing, pretreatment and washing made in accordance to the Organic Content Standard 2.0. Knitted in accordance to the Global Organic Textile Standard 5.0.


Fabric upcycling refers to the practice of repurposing and transforming old or unwanted textiles into new and useful items. It involves creatively reusing scraps or pre-existing fabrics to make new clothing. By upcycling fabric, waste is reduced, and sustainable fashion choices are embraced, promoting a more environmentally friendly approach to textile consumption

Short Cycle Production

PRISMA embraces eco-friendly and sustainable production. Most of our processes regarding fabrics, sewing or even storage occur in-house at our facilities, limiting the needs for transits or long distance transportation of materials. This way we limit environmental pollution and save energy!

Recycled Packaging

With sustainability at the core of our values, we have revolutionized the way packaging is created. The PRISMA box is a testament to our dedication to reducing waste and minimizing our carbon footprint. By utilizing recycled paper, we extend the lifecycle of materials, ensuring that every box has a meaningful second life.

Cards and Tags made by Algae

By harnessing the power of algae, we’ve created stunning Thank You cards and product tags that leave a lasting impression on your customers. The natural texture and earthy colors add a touch of elegance to your packaging, while the knowledge that they are sustainably sourced brings an extra sense of fulfillment.

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