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PRISMA marks the arrival of a new era in the fashion and undergarment world.
Through this new medium we would like to invite you to see this world.
It is time for tenderness, simplicity and a deep connection with our human nature.


The birth

The origins of the brand can be found in Greece, the matrix of pure light.
Ancient or contemporary, Greece is our land and will be a major inspiration for what we do.
PRISMA is a subsidiary brand of Modus Vivendi Co., built upon its 30-year old history, experience and expertise, and not a spontaneous emergence.
These are the prime elements which, combined with our drive for progress, gave birth to PRISMA.
PRISMA came up as a new perspective on our way of life, that is the Modus Vivendi.
The brand is also born by our need to present an easywear line, and as a response to the extreme digitalization of the world around us and the urgency for environmental action.


Our heritage

Modus Vivendi is a company with a long history in the men’s fashion industry.
Launched in 1989 in Thessaloniki, Greece, the company has come a long way through the years developing exponentially in its field up until today.
With a great experience in textiles, underwear and apparel manufacturing, their industries and markets, we have gathered a great expertise, knowledge, skills and proficiency.
These are some of the basic elements we want to pass on our new venture, combined with the consistency and professionalism that characterize Modus Vivendi all these years.


Our muse

In our work we embrace the notion of reverse glocalization, where we take our local culture and we “translate it in a universal language”.
In that way a product can have meaning all around the world.
Our muse is History, the rich history of ancient Greece, and with this as a starting point we address to a global market.
Our main source of inspiration for every PRISMA collection will be the epic poem Theogony, i.e. the birth of the Gods, by the ancient Greek poet, Hesiod.
With the first collection being inspired by Genesis, that is the generation of the first Gods, Gaia, Tartarus, Eros and Chaos, every time different elements of the Theogony will be a creative drive for our upcoming collections. The first four deities symbolize core aspects of life and existence, that is the matter [Gaia], time and death [Tartarus], the creation [Eros] and the void [Chaos].
Keeping that in mind, we also chose for our first collection a light and earthy, neutral color palette, in order for it to constitute the optimal canvas for the collections to come, and to be the cornerstone for the brand’s future story.


“We want to get in touch again with our human nature; its simplicity & tenderness.”

Our purpose

Our goal, in addition to expressing our aesthetic in the fashion field, is the formation of a new mindset.
After witnessing the passing of a lot of rugged years in the fashion industry of careless choices and impacts, in addition to an increasingly fast-paced world, characterized by the aggressive digitalization and dehumanization of everyday interactions, we felt the need to take a step back, assess and take a deep breath.
We want to get in touch again with our human nature, its simplicity and tenderness, and try to reshape our world through a new prism, a new light.
We feel nostalgic about the romance of the older days, the human touch and communication, and thus we want to try and bring them back to our lives, by revising our life values.
We also want to constitute a premium and established brand in our industry and market, known for its high quality, great performance and reliability


Our vision

We envision a fashion industry which deeply values people as well as their amazing talents and abilities.
A fashion industry built on human interactions and the fermentation of individual characteristics and viewpoints.
We do not repulse the future and neither all its groundbreaking arising aspects.
We just want you to be the protagonists in our story.


The hero

In the center of this journey are the people. All humans from around the world, from all backgrounds, races, colors, genders and orientations.
Our utmost value is respect to everyone out there, their unique personality and character. PRISMA wants to be an anthropocentric brand, by putting people at the center of it all.
We want to bring humans again at the forefront, whoever they are, wherever they come from.


Towards a sustainable future

The way

PRISMA is environmentally sensitized and thus we pay great attention to the quality of all raw materials and yarns used throughout our production.
This philosophy of sustainable and eco-friendly product making, also extends to our small production cycle.
Most of our processes regarding fabrics, sewing or even storage occur in-house at our facilities, limiting the needs for transits or long distance transportation of materials.
In addition to that, at PRISMA our aim is to create items that will stand the test of time, regarding their design and quality, limiting this way the need for clothing over consumption throughout the seasons.
As we stand by the philosophy of non-seasonality, respecting the fact of different seasons around the world, our collections will be annual and released gradually during the whole year.

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