PRISMA - Human Uniform Made in Greece



Where the Breeze Blows

PRISMA takes you to a beautiful trip to the exotic Greek Cycladic islands through the Genesis collection. Wander in this heaven-on-earth with the crystal clear Aegean waters and soothing colors all around.

The feeling that pervades the campaign is that of an oasis, of calmness and peacefulness in contrast to the hectic modern world. With mythological inspiration, yet maintaining a modern feel, this campaign combines classical Greek culture with empowered human emotions such as romance, care, forgotten virtues. The atmosphere of this collection is rendered both in the color range of white and beige and in the texture of the clothes made from friendly and fine materials


Contemporary, unique and romantic cotton shirts, t-shirts with outstanding details and prints such as the Genesis Elements and the Allover Logo, trousers and shorts in great textures with the softness of the crepe fabric and excellent quality linen, are some of PRISMA clothes that come in perfect harmony with the rock formations and caves carved by the sea.

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