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PRISMA-Human Uniform

Reflecting on our way of life during and after the lockdown and inspired by the Greek dynamic of our past, the company MODUS VIVENDI felt the need to transfer its 30 years of know-how and experience into a line of premium clothing and underwear. Thus, we turned to creating PRISMA a new clothing company with seasonless items to be worn comfortably all day long focused mainly on human needs.

“Human Uniform” is PRISMA’s tagline, emphasizing our company’s philosophy. That is been oriented to the sensitive human being, made of flesh and bones containing though a very strong soul and spirit, as has been amply demonstrated recently.

Each PRISMA collection is inspired by the Theogony of the poet Hesiod. Our main purpose is along with the creation of our collection people to be reborn all over again clothed not only in a material way but with virtues and values. We feel that is time for the human personality to be unlocked and surrounded only with tenderness by wearing PRISMA creations.

PRISMA 1st collection has been named “Genesis” not by chance. This collection, “Genesis”, makes an effort to make humans not to be afraid of Chaos because thanks to Chaos they were born Earth, as the concept of material, Tartarus, as the concept of time and death but also Eros, as the concept of creation. Human Uniform, our company’s tagline includes these notions of the perishable material of human nature and of the wonderful dynamic  mm of human being to fall in love and create.

The four elements of “Genesis” have inspired even the four categories of PRISMA collections, which consist of almost all essentials of a Human Uniform; Apparel, Underwear, Swimwear and Accessories.

Unique and romantic all-time classic shirts, t-shirts, sleeveless and long sleeves top, cardigans and jackets with outstanding details, refined texture pants and shorts, are some of PRISMA stylish garments in perfect harmony with the redefinition of contemporary Human Uniform. Luxurious silk, organic cotton, fine linen, soft viscose crepe, geometric Iconic PRISMA patterns, monochromatic all over logo prints, Breton jacquard stripes and Polka dots, consist the highlights of this first PRISMA Apparel collection.

PRISMA Underwear collection turns underpants into a unique way of special expression for every human. Maintaining the roots of the successful MODUS VIVENDI undies, PRISMA promise that you will definitely love this collection for every technical and non-technical detail, for the impeccable quality, the unique fit and the updated look. A fine new collection of sophisticated, comfortable, modern, classy and classic boxers, trunks, mini or fly briefs, has been created with a variety of organic fabrics and refined textures.

PRISMA Swimwear Collection, all in the white and beige color palette, is the epitome of timeless chic summer style. All time classic swim briefs, swim jogger shorts made of lightweight and quick dry fabric, mini swim briefs made of recycled materials are some of the most iconic styles, presented under the contemporary esthetic of PRISMA.

PRISMA Accessories Collection, attempts to fulfil the needs of modern human, who enjoy life with style by choosing simplicity, romance and comfort. Office and tote bags, hats, scarves, belts and socks, are some of the stylish accessories, which thanks to the clever choice of earthy color scale of this collection, can add some extra personality to an outfit and project a unique Human style.

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