PRISMA - Human Uniform Made in Greece

Underwear Campaign


PRISMA – Through a New PRISM(A)

A beautiful day can begin by just relaxing at the coziness of your home. A chance to lay back, recharge your energy and get ready to experience something new. Don’t stop waking up every day with the same desire to try something else. After all, nothing in this life is more boring than expected.

This underwear campaign, maintaining its modern feeling, combines romance and self-care with a sense of mystery. Experience the magic again by choosing a different piece from the PRISMA underwear collection every day.

The comfort and refined design of PRISMA underwear will fit you perfectly and elevate your style. Explore through a great variety of fabrics such as crepe, organic cotton or linen. From mini briefs to boxers and trunks, find the one most comfortable to you.

Relax, feel, enjoy.

Trust your instinct, go with your mood.

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