PRISMA - Human Uniform Made in Greece

Apparel Campaign


PRISMA – Daily Senses


The feeling of this campaign is that of modern everyday life in a big city like Thessaloniki. It has to do with the beginning, the during and the ending of a day. A day, however, where mindfulness is combined with the feeling of enjoying every moment. It’s about those moments when we focus on ourselves by putting a fool stop in the demanding modern world if only for a while. So, now and then let’s give ourselves the opportunity of a different day just by walking in bustling streets, in traditional markets, doing sports by the beach, wandering in the city among strangers and cope with the everyday fast rhythms and feel alive.


Sense what is hiding in this shooting. Sense the contrast surrounding. Special characters, anxious minds, unique humans and everyday frenetic rhythms it is time for them to reconcile. The proposal of PRISMA is that of an apparel collection where tranquility is visually clear. Thanks to the appropriate choice of this collection’s color scale and designs is possible to be romantic, classy, mysterious and interesting at the same time.


Be cheerful and play with the polka dot, the geometric Iconic the PRISMA patterns, the Breton jacquard stripes, the all over logo, or even with the monochrome fine fabrics of this first collection. Play with simplicity, romance, pleasure, comfort and enjoy the present.


Taste the interaction with others. Choose a sincere and from the heart communication that will be fruitful. Our value is explained only through reciprocal relations. If people are bearers of value therefore the value of humanity lies in our capacity to benefit ourselves by living good lives and helping others to do so.  All we have to do is ‘taste’ the definition of Human Uniform

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