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New Year’s Snow Prince!

As New Year is approaching, PRISMA presents the sequel of “Snowy Christmas Fairytale” titled “New Year’s Snow Prince”. A fairytale about a boy who lost his Christmas spirit but found it again!

Do you remember the boy who lost his Christmas magic and wandered in the snowy white woods just to find it again? That’s him! The festive spirit filled his heart with love and joy, so much that he decided to head back to the Dreamland, explore it a bit more and celebrate the season. This time he went for the Glowing White Hills. The bright sky was glistening above him as he was climbing, every sunray was piercing his body, filling him with warmth and optimism.
After an hour of climbing he saw them! There they were, at the top of the hill, on a beautiful silver plate: the snowy biscuits! His all time favorite christmas delicacy made only for him. His eyes shone! He ran towards them faster than the wind, grabbed the silver plate and started eating. He was so content in this moment that forgot about New Year’s arrival! Suddenly, fireworks started popping and rain of gold was falling on the snowy hills! The boy stopped, put down the plate and celebrated. Celebrated what he had found again: love, joy, optimism and happiness. He was so thankful for his family and the ones close to his heart because he knew that they were the reason he felt all these beautiful feelings. “Such a perfect place for some snowboarding, the snow is amazing!” he thought and all of a sudden, a wooden snowboard appeared in front of him! “Wow! My Christmas wish came true!”. He lifted the snowboard and headed towards the slopes. He forgot only this: one last biscuit for the go!

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