PRISMA - Human Uniform Made in Greece


  • Can I use more than one Promo Code on the same order?

    You are able to use only one Promo Code per order. Two codes on the same order are not applicable.

  • Can I save items in my shopping bag and buy them later?

    All items are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. This means items you have in your shopping bag may not be available later. The only way to reserve those items is to complete your order. Although you can always add and save items to your wish list and buy them later!

  • The item I want is out of stock. When will you get more in?

    Certain items may temporarily be out of stock and we are working hard on it to make it available again. However, sometimes, some items may be permanently canceled from our production. If you have a question on a particular style, please email us at at

  • Colors do not look the same as in the images on your site. Can you help?

    We are always trying to offer the best display quality we can. Images on our site have the best resolution and are totally matched with the original color of any product. We are not responsible for any differences due to the display device (pc, laptop, cell phone, etc.)

  • What’s my size?

    Please visit the ‘Size Guide’ section below the description of every product. A guide can be found in this table. Also, besides that. you can find a quiz in every single product page below the available sizes. Follow the steps, answer the questions and at the end of the quiz, we will recommend you the perfect …

  • Does my order include VAT?

    Goods are charged at the price shown on the product page on the date the order is placed, and the VAT is included. All prices are correct at the time of publication. Please, notice that for EU countries, VAT is indicating with the VAT of your country. For NON-EU countries, Greek VAT is included.

  • A product was missing from my order, what should I do?

    We recommend you that you don’t receive packages when they are slightly damaged. We have no responsibility for the damaged cause. However, if an item is missing from the order, please contact us at  providing the order number, the name and also code of the missing article. We’ll get back to you the soonest possible …

  • Can I track my order?

    Once your order is shipped successfully, you will receive a confirmation email with all shipments’ details. To track your order, simply click on the link provided on this e-mail to view the up to date tracking. You can also have access form your account, just by clicking “Orders”.

  • How can I check the status of my order?

    Once your order is placed successfully you will receive a confirmation e-mail with all orders’ details. You can also check the status just by logging in to your account, click on “Orders” and check your latest order.

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