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A Snowy Christmas Fairytale!

Christmas is just around the corner and PRISMA presents the “Snowy Christmas Fairytale!” campaign. Submerged in the winter color palette of white and ivory apparel, the fairytale will travel you through the white woods to the Christmas Wonderland!

Once upon a time, there was a young boy who really loved Christmas. He loved all these big green trees, the colorful ornaments with the strange and funny sometimes shapes, Santa Claus’ presents and the anticipation to tear the colored wrapping that was hiding his, the family get-togethers and the matching christmas sweaters that all of them had to wear for the yearly family photo! Everything was magical, it felt like a dream every time!
The boy was growing up year by year, he became a teenager, full of passion for life, full of anger with everything around him. He started to lose interest over the Christmas and all these coming with it. He started forgetting and changing. No more presents, no more fancy ornaments or matching sweaters! He didn’t care at all! And he grew up some more. He was now an adult. Responsible for his life. He had a job. He loved his job! He had no time for nothing. No time to let his mind flow away. He had a routine: wake up, wash, dress, go to work, come back, eat, sleep and again and again.

Little did he know that one night his life would change. Tired after work, he fell asleep on the couch with the soothing light and the TV conversation feeling like a lullaby to him. He slept deep. And he woke up. And the couch wasn’t there, instead he was lying on the fat bright white snow. He looked up. Bright golden stars where covering the dark blue nightsky, huge white trees surrounding him and the thin veil of the fog with the snowfall were magical! “What is this place, where am I?” he asked himself. It was the first time seeing a place like this. He was lost in the Snowy Woods. blankHe stood up and started walking. Lost and in awe, he wandered in the woods and then he wandered some more. But he didn’t realise he was changing. He was going back to his childhood, searching for something but didn’t know what that was. After a while, tired and a bit cold he found it. A golden crown, in between the white trees, buried under the snow! “Is this what I am looking for?” he thought. Without any hesitation, he dug up the crown from the snow, and put it on his head. The stars were brighter, the snow had stopped and the fog was dancing around him. Such a nice feeling, so calming and warm. “My memories! I forgot all of these!” he shouted. His eyes got bigger. The Christmas tree, the ornaments, the family, the matching sweaters, the smells, the sweets and the love! ” How did I forget these experiences? Why?” he wondered, “I have to relive them again!”
He jumped out of his bed and ran to the closest store. He bought everything needed, even the matching sweaters, he called all of his friends & family and invited them for dinner at home. “Growing up and the routine made me forget about all this magic I was used to live in. But this will never happen again. From now on, Christmas will be the season of love, joy and magic!”

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